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I guess I'm your average fan girl I am 19 and come from the land of Canada I enjoy Supernatural,One Direction, Shameless, Doctor Who,Glee, Team Starkid, The Hunger Games,Lord of the Rings, Disney, Harry Potter, Merlin, Teen Wolf and lots of other things that i'm sure i'm forgetting so pull up a chair and enjoy the trainwreck that is my life!
teen wolf meme - 6/8 episodes
↪ "i look for my friends" (lunar ellipse - 3.12)

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my dragons made no promises, and you threatened their m o t h e r.

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some people were born today. hello babies welcome to the earth. you missed a bunch of stuff while you were busy not existing. jbiebs did some things you would not believe

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Could this be the Freshman Fifteen?

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shameless meme [1/3 otps]

     ↳ mandy + happiness 

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gif meme:  ten x rose + touch me

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